World Brand Organization frameWorld International Brand Development CommitteeWorld International Brand Conference CommitteeWorld Conference on International BrandUnited Nations World International Brand EvaluatioBrand MagazineWorld International Brand NewspaperWorld Brand Radio StationWorld International Brand News CenterSecretariatWIBDCWCOIB Member StatesWCOIB Membership Organization EnterpriseWCOIB Membership OrganizationAbout WIBDCBasic definition of a brand by World Brand OrganizBrand classification and classification by World BBrand evaluation, certification, confirmation andUnited Nations program for world international braUnited Nations declaration of WCOIBWorld international brand evaluation, certificatioWorld international brand certification and confirIntroduction to brand scienceGlobal search for real and fake brandsGlobal trade brands catalogueList of global trade brandsMethods for the establishment of branchesMeasures for the administration of senior officialCareer opportunitiesQuickly LinksWIBDCAmericasEuropeanAsiaAfricaSoutheast AsiaPacific OceanMediterranean SeaGlobal Fake Brand News Accountability OfficeGlobal Office for The Recovery of Counterfeit BranGlobal Fake Brand Announcement OfficeCommunity Commission for the Fate of MankindCounterfeit and shoddy crisis and recovery bureauAsian Working CommitteeWorking Committee of the AmericasEuropean Working CommitteeAfrican Working CommitteeCorporate Working CommitteeWibeis Data Acquisition CentreWibeis Big Data Monitoring CenterWibeis Evaluation Review CommitteeInternational Brand Trade Oversight CommitteeInternational Brand Expo Exhibition BureauCommittee on Human Health SafetyBrand Inspection and Inspection CommitteeThe evaluation and evaluation committee of brand gThe Committee for the Supervision of Brand CommodiAcademic Committee on Brand ScienceWorld International Brand UniversityUnited Nations Office for operational coordinationWorld International Brand Reporting OfficeWibeis Evaluation and Evaluation OfficeDepartment of International StandardsDepartment of Evaluation StandardsDepartment of Standard evaluationBrand Science and Technology DepartmentPartner BureauBureau for Development PolicyBranch OfficeTop 100 international brandsIndustry brand top 50National brand top 50MedallionInnovation MedalProgress MedalWorld class international brandNational international brandCar world international brandMobile world international brand

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World Brand Organization frame

World International Brand DevelopmentCommittee

World International Brand ConferenceCommittee

World Conference on International Brand

United Nations World International BrandEvaluation Center

Brand Magazine

World International Brand Newspaper

World Brand Radio Station

World International Brand News Center



WCOIB Member States

WCOIB Membership Organization Enterprise

WCOIB Membership Organization

UniversityEducation Authority of Branded University

WorldBrand Capital Authority

BrandSecurities And Exchange Authority

WorldInternational Brand Expo Authority


Basicdefinition of a brand by World Brand Organization

Brandclassification and classification by World Brand Organization

Brandevaluation, certification, confirmation and release by World Brand Organization

UnitedNations program for world international brand development

UnitedNations declaration of WCOIB

Worldinternational brand evaluation, certification, confirmation rules

Worldinternational brand certification and confirmation rules

Introductionto brand science

Globalsearch for real and fake brands

Globaltrade brands catalogue

Listof global trade brands

Methodsfor the establishment of branches

Measuresfor the administration of senior officials of branches


Wibeis Data Acquisition Centre

Wibeis Big Data Monitoring Center

Wibeis Evaluation Review Committee

International Brand Trade OversightCommittee

International Brand Expo Exhibition Bureau

Committee on Human Health Safety

Brand Inspection and Inspection Committee

The evaluation and evaluation committee ofbrand goods

The Committee for the Supervision of BrandCommodity Evaluation

Academic Committee on Brand Science

World International Brand University

United Nations Office for operationalcoordination

World International Brand Reporting Office

Wibeis Evaluation and Evaluation Office

Department of International Standards

Department of Evaluation Standards

Department of Standard evaluation

Brand Science and Technology Department

Partner Bureau

Bureau for Development Policy









Southeast Asia

Pacific Ocean

Mediterranean Sea

Global Fake Brand News AccountabilityOffice

Global Office for The Recovery ofCounterfeit Brand Goods

Global Fake Brand Announcement Office

Community Commission for the Fate ofMankind

Counterfeit and shoddy crisis and recoverybureau

Asian Working Committee

Working Committee of the Americas

European Working Committee

African Working Committee

Corporate Working Committee